Solana Network leverages the Solana ecosystem to enable fast, cheap and intuitive trading experience for users of the platform while keeping it fully decentralized thanks to an infrastructure built on top of several smart contracts and blockchain oracles. Solana’s technology renders it more than capable of carrying out its mission of mass adoption. As far as speed goes, Solana is extremely capable. It boasts 65,000 transactions per second (TPS), which makes Ethereum’s meagre 30 TPS pale in comparison. According to Solana, SOLX holders will be able to exchange SOLX at speeds greater than 50,000 transactions per second – often for less than $0.00001 per transaction – on the Solana network. A perfect solution for new generation trading.[3]

Hence, using the Solana Network will allow to compete with other Ethereum based DEXs and to become a market leader.

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