Top 10 centralized exchanges are generating as much as $3 million in fees revenue per day and are worth billions. Ownership for many of the large exchanges remains a mystery. Centralized exchanges have limited transparency on fee structure and unknown discounts for active traders. Some exchanges charge ridiculous fees of up to $15M USD to get projects listed on their exchange. plans to build a platform rake in millions with a revenue structure that is transparent, fair and profitable. In order to achieve this goal will use native Solana token - SOLX.[9] relies on the fundamentals of blockchain for storing a transaction over a peer-to-peer network. Decentralized exchange has three types of entities (i.e. Issuer, Trader [User], and Miner). The network relies on issuing processes, orders (Open order and execution order), and blockchain. The miner would verify the transaction for validity as well as match the execution orders and upon successful confirmation could generate a block using proof of work as followed by the protocol.[10] belongs to the productive DeFi tokens-which are sometimes called as “holy grail of crypto capital assets” as they represent both governance and on-chain cash flow rights. Unlike their counterparts, they allow holders to stake their position in return for passive income in the form of protocol fees, Naturally, the key metric to understand with any DEX token like SUSHI and UNI is trading volume. This is a fundamental indicator for the adoption and success of a decentralized exchange. Higher volume translates to more fee-generating revenue for the protocol, which drives the value of these DeFi tokens. Using the Solana network is expected to allow a rapid increase in the trading volume and therefore increase in revenues. [11

SOLX usage

  • Protocol governance

  • Transaction fees

Staking for protocol profits redistribution (TX fee redistribution to SOLX stakers will benefit owners to generate yields, plus it decreases supply in the open market).

SOLX Distribution

30% of SOLX tokens are offered to the community.

Max supply: 500.000.000

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